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Aloha.......Welcome   to   Lika's   Lolo-ness

I share with you my words & aloha in hopes that you will share yours with me and others. Thru positive spirituality among one another surely the world is a better place. As we cruise cyberspace; may we realize our fullest potential and remember to get off our okole and get some exercise!

                    [Last messed w/ 02-06-2005]

                    I am a blessed Cancer Survivor
                    Awaking each morning with gratitude
                    I am blessed with faith, family & friends
                    Our prayers blessing each and everyone.
                                                  --LRO 2/05


The pride of writing
stripped naked and shamed
judged by an executioner
exiled into another realm.
The pride of writing
lives silently with a smile
searching to be aprreciated
bought, sold and transformed. 
                  --LRO 6/02


Again she tried
Lost in her own lust
Whisked away by her own words
In silence she knew nothing would happen
Could happen, should happen
But her mind turned pages of an unwritten book
That she thinks spoke to her the truth.  --LRO 8/03 

        GET CHANCE: 7th Grade Style

Eh, I get chance?
Chance fo'wot? 
I like you.
So, wot you like?
Eh- lolo he asking you.
Asking me wot?
You like him.
I dunno.
He like you!
Say OK, I going tellem' ok.
I guess OK.
Faka call me up every night and my fahdah get pissed off at me.
At school, da buggah follow me around -- he getting on my nerves.
He cute but.....humbug....
So wot you like broke up?
Broke wot.... oh yeah shua....fine.
Next day da faka stay eating lunch wit dat big tita moke Japanee girl wit da big totoys.
Da boys call her hell-tee.
Eh but you know wot?
Her gen one cute freshman bruhdah.
I saw him down Shark Country.
Sufa wit one nice body and he on da football team.
I wonda if I get chance?
                               --LRO 7/8/03


                  Gypsy Lika~On the Road Again

                         GYPSY HISTORY

                  Born in the Territory of Hawaii
                  Graduated Waipahu High School 1971

                  3/1973  Married, National City, CA
                  1973 1st Child Born, Tripler Army Hospital
                       Honolulu, HI
                  1973-1974 Ocean Beach, CA
                  1974-1978 Tahlequah, OK
                  1975 2nd Child Born, Hastings Indian Hospital,
                       Tahlequah, OK
                  1978-1985 Chinle, AZ
                  1981 3rd Child Born, Sage Memorial Hospital,
                       Ganado, AZ
                  1985-1987 Tahlequah, OK
                  1987 Graduated from Northeastern State University
                  1987-1989  Socorro, NM
                  1989-1998  Window Rock, AZ
                  1998-1999  San Carlos, AZ
                  7/99-3/00  Chinle, AZ
                  3/00-7/00  Greasewood (Ganado), AZ
                  7/00-6/01  IGNACIO, CO
                  6/01-9/02  Gardenerville, NV
                  9/02-11/04 Carson City, NV
                 11/04-      Ft. Defiance, AZ
                                               --LRO 2/2005


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**Short stories posted at:
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**stories written in Pidgin English.

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                 <3            <3              <3  

               If what I say resonates with you, 
it's merely because we are both branches on the same tree.--W.B.Yeats

 <3    \\000//    \\000//     \\000//    \\000//     \\000//     <3

peace and love/tears of joy/kindness of strangers/all of your 

roads/paved in gold/by your guardian angels/wherever you may be in

this world/my salutation says it all/may you always have enough/peace

and love.     from Peace & Love, Song #11, Blessed Union of Souls 

(\O/)  \o/\o/\o/  (\O/) \o/\o/\o/ (\O/) \o/\o/\o/  (\O/)  \o/\o/\o/

           \m/                    \\000//                 \m/

                           ~N O T I C E~

WAIPAHU HIGH SCHOOL ~ Class of 1971 ~ 35th Class Reunion in 2006!

For more details ask Mike at: or

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            Mahalo for reading me. A hui hou bumbye. Malama pono.

Na Ke Akua E Malama Mau

Ft. Defiance [Da Rez], AZ 86504

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